UICB 2001 General Assembly and Conference, Beijing, 8-10 October 2001

Hosted by the China Building Technology Development Center, Beijing, this double event took place from October 8 to 10, 2001.

Set in the context of China's vast house construction programs for the next decade at least, this meeting enabled UICB members to participate actively in the development of ideas leading to global technical and commercial exchanges for better housing production in all countries.

The program had the active support of the Government and included a number of themes related to key issues in housing, such as:

  • Development of environmentally-friendly building materials,
  • Development of open building systems,
  • Energy saving,
  • Development of new heating and cooling technology for home,
  • Housing warranty systems,
  • Infrastructure construction.

There was also, of course, time for UICB's General Assembly where current changes were presented and discussed, together with election of the new Executive Committee.

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